Peter Capaldi Leaves Doctor Who, Predictions for New Doctor?

Last month (January 30th), the world was saddened to learn that Scottish actor Peter Capaldi had decided to call it quits as the titular role of the much-loved BBC One series Doctor Who.

As we all started accepting the fact that the Doctor would be regenerating into a brand new face at some point this year, the public started to make their bets as to who would be the latest actor to take up the mantle of one of the last-surviving Time Lords. With big shoes to fill with the likes of Tom Baker and David Tennant having been wonderful in their tenures as the Doctor, the next actor will have to give it all they’ve got and make it the best version as they can.

Now, as you may have noticed I have been using they/them pronouns when talking about the future Doctor. This is because many of the British (and world-wide) public are calling for the Doctor to finally be played by a woman. This has not happened at all since the show’s creation all the way back in 1963. The other remaining Time Lord to exist in the series – The Master – is currently being played by the extremely talented Scottish actress Michelle Gomez and has been raved about by the viewers and critics alike. So the question stands, if one of the Doctor’s main classic enemies can be played by a woman, why can’t The Doctor themself be played by one?

Left: Tilda Swinton, Middle: Olivia Colman, Right: Hayley Atwell
Left: Tilda Swinton, Middle: Olivia Colman, Right: Hayley Atwell

As of the last few weeks, the apparent front runner to play the next Doctor is English Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton, who was recently endorsed by former Doctor Who actor Paul McGann. Her current odds (as taken from the website are 3/1. Other female actresses who are appearing in the standings right now are Olivia Colman with 8/1, and Hayley Atwell with 25/1.

Left: Kris Marshall, Middle: Richard Madden, Right: Richard Ayoade
Left: Kris Marshall, Middle: Richard Madden, Right: Richard Ayoade

Male actors who are popular in the betting stakes right now are Death in Paradise actor Kris Marshall with 2/1, Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden with 10/1, and Richard Ayoade with 12/1.

Whoever the next Doctor is, whether they are a man or a woman, hopefully they will take this role to the full potential that previous actors have reached and make their version just as impactful on the minds of children and adults alike as their predecessors.

Doctor Who is set to return to British TV screens April 15th 2017 on BBC One.


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